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ASA 5506-X Web Server

Lost Packet
Level 1
Level 1

We have a new 5506-X with following:

ASA 9.7(1)4

ASDM 7.9(2)152


Our small office uses local isp with dynamic ip assigned to outside interface.  Some dynamic ip service provides a constant url for access from internet.  


  1. They have a customer portal / single webserver that needs to be accessible from internet with https.  
  2. We also need to be able to use anyconnect for remote support on inside hosts.
  3. It would be good if ASA can be maintained after anyconnect connection.
  4. I noticed 2 clientless vpn licenses.  I am not sure how complicated it is to do clientless vpn and regular https web server.  So 3&4 are optional if req 1&2 are satisfied.

I have now spent several hours using wizards for this simple setup.  Anyconnect setup works well but have no idea how to get this internal web server published. 


I would appreciate specific examples or config tips.  I can provide the minor changes we have made to the factory config which set port 1 as outside dhcp client and bridges 7 ports as dhcp server for inside network.


Who Me Too'd this topic