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Hyperflex new cluster installation stalled

Hello all,

I am trying to install a new out-of-box Hyperflex cluster using installer 3.0.1e and UCSM v3.2.3h on four HXAF240c M5SX nodes. The configuration step seems to have gone OK so far, but it seems to be stalled at 'Configuring HX server', 'Configuring service profile', and 'Waiting for ESXi login prompt through SoL'. I've been waiting at this step for about four hours now.

I checked the KVM of the nodes and ESX is running and I've been able to verify that SoL is working by logging into the CIMC over SSH. Is there anything I'm missing or am I just not being patient? I see no activity in UCSM or the installer at this point.



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