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ISE upgrade 2.4 Secondary Node

Sai Paritala

Hello Friends,

I am trying to add a repository in ISE2 to upgrade the ISE from version to 2.4.I can successfully add the repository adding the host_key in the ISE secondary node. But when I do sh repository SFTP, I see the below error.


isesecure2/iseadmin# sh repository SFTP
% Error : Operation failed due to one of the following reasons
1. host key is not configured
2. host key is removed because of re-image
3. host key is removed from some other repository having same ip/hostname

% Please add the host key using the crypto host_key exec command
% SSH connect error


sh run | beg repo


repository SFTP
url sftp://vs-sftp1/home/admin
user *********** password hash ***************

I tried deleting the host_key and generate again, it successfully creates. I can ssh/ping the SFTP server from the ISE node(secondary). Not sure if I am missing some dots. could you please share your insight on this issue?


Thanks and Regards,


Who Me Too'd this topic