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Cisco DNA Center and Viptela intergration?


Hi Team


I have a partner who had the below question and I am not to clued up on DNA Center, please assist 


We have confusion that needs to be cleared after attending the VIPTELA SD WAN sessions last week and this week.


Our understanding is that when Cisco DNA was introduced, Cisco DNA for Routing features and functions where meant take the role of the old APIC-EM in IWAN (i.e. Cisco SD-WAN) and Cisco DNA for Switching features were added for SD-ACCESS.


In short, the bunch of documents that we have read for DNA Architecture features, functions, value propositions and licensing indicate that DNA Center is Central Console for LAN/WLAN (DNA for Switching) + WAN (DNA for Routing)


Based on that, we were selling Cisco DNA Center primarily as single dashboard for managing an enterprise network or centralized controller for LAN + WAN Automation Management, Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Even though we know that Customers with DNA-compatible/DNA-ready switches could use it for SD-Access functions as well, we were not focusing on DNA side of Switching since WAN Administration is the biggest headache to most of our TZ customers like Banks and other Enterprises and it is easier and very appealing to sell SD-WAN than SD-Access.


After having attended the VIPTELA-based SD-WAN sessions, we are getting a picture as if :-

  1. Cisco DNA Architecture no longer deals with SD-WAN features and functions, its left with SD-ACCESS only
  2. We should not continue selling Cisco DNA of Cisco SD-WAN, instead we should focus on VIPTELA-based SD-WAN.


What is the roadmap?

  1. Is Cisco SD-WAN using DNA Center going to be terminated in favour of VIPTELA-based SD-WAN?
  2. Does Cisco DNA Center no longer deal with WAN Automation?
  3. What do you advise for our Customers with whom we have planned their SD-WAN in 2018 using Cisco DNA Center and have started gradually building their network towards it (they bought ISR 4K with DNA Subscriptions and are only required to purchase the DNA Appliance?)
Who Me Too'd this topic