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WLC 5508 - APs in Flexconnect mode and Airprint across VLANs

Level 3
Level 3

Dear all,

Since I've not found recent, and clear, documentation concerning Airprint/Bonjour on CCO I've decided to post for help concerning this setup.


On a 5508 Controller with about 50 APs and Release 8.X I must enable on a WLAN Airprint/Bonjour Service.

All the APs connected are in Flexconnect mode (can't be changed) and most of the SSID are in Flexconnect.

At the L3 level the situation is the following:

- Printers are located on a dedicated VLAN/IP Subnet;

- Access Point are distributed and located on several VLANs/IP Subnet depending on the phy location;

- Controllers mgmt-interface is located on a dedicated VLAN/IP Subnet.


Since APs are not in Local Mode enabling IGMP Snooping and mDNS on Controller is not useful... What should I configure exactly since it's not clear? Multicast/unicast mode is the best way?

If I use mDNS since traffic had to traverse different VLANs I have to enable on all switches Multicast Routing with RP and IGMP on the switches where the APs and Controller are connected?


BTW TTL of a multicast packet of AirPrint/Bonjour is equal to 0 (traffic stays on the same VLAN), am I correct?

In this case there is a need of a sort of Bonjour Gateway or something similar for passing this traffic from VLANs?


BR and thanks for providing me important information





Who Me Too'd this topic