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Viptela vEdge Cloud not building control connections



I am building a small lab on my laptop running ESXi and viptela controllers version 18.4.1.


I successfully installed vManage, vSmart, vBond as well as vEdgeCloud (one of each). I used tinyCA to sign certificates for the controllers and uploaded root certs on all components including vEdge. Every device has some initial config on with system ip, clock, org name, timezone, interfaces, (check the screenshot attached).


Next I went to PnP portal and did the following:

  1. Created controller profile (with vpn0 ip add of vBond should I be using vpn512 address?)
  2. Added a device (Devices>Add Software Devices, PID:vedge-cloud-dna)
  3. Associated the device with the controller profile
  4. Downloaded "Provisioning File" (serialFile.viptela)

I uploaded the viptela file onto vManage and the list was pushed successfully to all controllers.



At this point I would expect for vEdge to finally be permited to join the overlay network. Considering it can ping all the controllers via vpn0 or vpn512 from and it has the root cert as well (even tho I believe this can be pushed from controllers). I also issued this command on vEdge to activate it with no luck: 


request vedge-cloud activate chassis-number 71591a3b-7d52-24d4-234b-58e5f4ad0646 token e0b6f073220d85ad32445e30de88a739


Is there a command to debug this?


Any tips would be greatly appreciated 


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