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No connection to WLC after VPN connection was lost

Hey Community,


I´ve got a problem which is freaking me out...


We have got several sites with Meraki "Routers" (MX65) and connected to them Cisco APs (AIR-LAP1131G-E-K9 / AIR-CAP1602I-E-K9)

The MX´s have got a IPSec Tunnel to a Fortigate 1000D Firewall (providet by external).

Always, when they do maintenance at the Fortigate FW and the Cluster does not work correctly, the site loose their VPN connection. Followed by this, the AP´s are not able to get back its connection to the Flex 5000 WLC...

The only way to solve this problem is to manually reboot the AP´s, but this would mean much trouble for the stuff on site. Or to reboot all MX´s (already have a script which is doing this for me, but its still annoying).


Has anyone had this problem or knows how to avoid this?

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