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ACI TEP Pool Sizing

Level 1
Level 1

A question came up about moving the TEP pool from a /16 to something else.  Is there guidance on how the pool can be changed  from default on initial install based on the number of elements in the fabric?  I would like to make an educated guess on what the pool size would need to be when moving from the default.


When does a /17 fail?  When does a /18?  etc.


I have found the following but nothing more.


The number of addresses required for the TEP address pool depends on a number of factors, including the following:

  • Number of APICs
  • Number of leaf and spine nodes
  • Number of Application Virtual Switches (AVSs), AVE instances, Hyper-V hosts or, more generally, virtualized hosts managed via VMM integration and integrated with OpFlex
  • Number of vPCs required


To avoid issues with address exhaustion in the future, it is strongly recommended to allocate a /16 or /17 range, if possible. If this is not possible, a /22 range should be considered the absolute minimum. However, this may not be sufficient for larger deployments. It is critical to size the TEP range appropriately, because it cannot be easily modified later.


Thank You,

Dan Laden


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