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Installation of DNA Center




I have a network in prodcution like it mensionned in this picture. 

The customer wants to renovate the current infrastructure by changing all the hardware. For this reason we had think about deploying DNA Center and make automation. The problem is that i do not have any port with 10 G. 


As a solution, i intend to buy a new Switch ( with 10 G Uplink) and use it as access Switch to the current infrastructure, The DNA's ports will be used as follow : 

* Cloud Port (Yellow Cable) : will be used to access cloud and make updates. 


* GUI Port (RED CABLE ) : will be used to manage the appliance and synchronise with DATA center ( NTP/DNS)


* CIMC Port ( Black Cable ) : will be used as OOB management interface.


* Entreprise ( Blue Cable) : Will linked to the 1st new Switch ( Cisco CAT 9400), to start automation. 


Does my diagram make sense ! Can we do that  ? Otherwise, If you have an idea on how to do this, i will be gratful. 


Sorry for my bad english! 


Thanks in advance.

Who Me Too'd this topic