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WiFi4EU with Cisco


Hi all


We are currently installing APs for the WiFi4EU-project and are stuck on getting the captive portal to work accordingly to the documentation.
Accodring to the "Implementation Gudie" we need to add a javascript(JS) to the top of the head tag in the captive portal.

"To obtain correct metrics it is important that the code is located at the top of the<head>tag."


We can't find any product the let us do this.
Have tryed with Cisco CMX (10.3), Cisco DNASpaces and Cisco ISE(2.6).

In Cisco ISE we can add our own JS-files, but it won't let us connect to external JS-sources.


The guide state that we need to add this to the head-tag:


<script type="text/javascript">
var wifi4euTimerStart =;
var wifi4euNetworkIdentifier = 'NETWORK_IDENTIFIER';
var wifi4euLanguage = 'PORTAL_LANGUAGE';
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Then add this to the body tag:


Have any of you managed to install WiFi4EU captive portal with any of the Cisco products mentioned above?




Who Me Too'd this topic