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Non-Root ESXi User Roles for Deploying PCCE 12.5


Hi all,


We are trying to deplyong PCCE 12.5 for 2000 Agents on co-hosting ESXi with another non-PCCE VMs.

We're failed to pass ESXi credential validation stage using ESXi user that we've made for PCCE purpose with "Unable to connect to host(s):" error. We are following the user roles requirement for the PCCE according to the Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise Administration and Configuration Guide, Release 12.0(1) guides like this:

The minimum permission required for ESXi user:

  • Root > System > [Anonymous, View, Read] (All System)

  • Root > VirtualMachine > Interact > [Reset]

But credential process still failed.

We able to pass this credential process using Root user but we are avoiding to use the Root for this matter.


What's the actual ESXi roles we need to deploy the PCCE 12.5 on co-hosting server with non-Root user?




Who Me Too'd this topic