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9800 wired QoS scheduling

Johannes Luther
Level 4
Level 4

Hello wireless professionals,

I'm creating a Cat 9800 WLC design and now the topic is QoS.

What really bugs me is the lack of documentation regarding the wired QoS on the WLC regarding queuing/scheduling. So on routers and switches, you may assign a egress policy-map on phyiscal interfaces.


interface TenGigabitEthernet0/1/0
service-policy output MY-SCHEDULING-POLICY

The problem is, how to design this policy regarding:

- Number of supported queues on the corresponding platform

- Supported Features (e.g. how many priority queues)

- Queue limit configuration


The IOS-XE 17 config guide for ASR routers is pretty much complete and contains a lot of explainations:


Especially the "Queue Limit" table per platform is important from my point of view.


So I question myself why there is no documenation for the Cat 9800 for this:

- Nobody cares about QoS...
=> Assumption is, that we never encounter a congestion situation on the wired interface

- Work in progress...

- There is a documentation, but I have not found it

- "Do not touch anything.... best practice is not to care about this issue, because we solve this somehow"


I'm a little bit lost here, because - from my point of view, a proper queuing policy - matching the QoS requirements of a business, is an important thing. But I have the feeling, that I'm the only one and creating a problem which is not there.... because obviously no one cares about this topic except me


Enough whining - The actual question is: Has anyone deployed a wired QoS policy on the C9800?

Who Me Too'd this topic