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Glean adjacency drops

Miguel Ortega
Level 1
Level 1

Hi to all


Yesterday i found on my 9300 output drops, using 

Cisco CLI Analyzer tool, i found that is due to Glean Adjacency 

interface with drops is connected directly to our fw with internet access, 

changed cables and both interfaces have same speed 1Gb

What can i do or check to solve that, i am not an expert on CEF  just know that is used on L3 switchs to forward packets,

there is no problems with stp either


below is the command output


thanks in advance for any help or clue to solve it


Core_Central#show platform software fed switch active punt cause summary
Statistics for all causes

Cause Cause Info Rcvd Dropped
7 ARP request or response 1886094093 0
11 For-us data 463554969 0
21 RP<->QFP keepalive 11447170 0
24 Glean adjacency 313150514 128938835
29 RP handled ICMP 19401062 0
45 BFD control 38 0
55 For-us control 16896846 0
58 Layer2 bridge domain data packe 13623897 0
60 IP subnet or broadcast packet 272426939 0
96 Layer2 control protocols 195979535 0


Who Me Too'd this topic