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certificate merge account


Requesting to add another [ CCO id CSCO14198445 ] to my this account [ CCO ID - CSCO13265685 ]
I am going to left the company [ CCO id CSCO14198445 ] .Also my certificate validity is end by 20th November 2022.
Requesting to merger urgently :

[ CCO ID - CSCO13265685 ] [ ] = [CSCO13265685 ] + [CSCO14198445 ]

Thanks for your response . this is my personal mail address. - my Previous working company (please merger this to my current working company account ) - my current working company.

Please merge with my current working company account and transfer the certificate as my CCNA will expire in this month.

Also take my account as secondary email ,if I left the company then I can transfer the certificate to my personal account.

Thanks ,
Nusrat Jahan

Who Me Too'd this topic