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2700 AP stuck "downloading" loop on C9800 WLC

Charlie Grey


2700 AP forever stuck downloading..

C9800 WLC is on 17.3.x software.

below are the logs. think is the MIC on the AP expired.

Any advise?

extracting ap3g2-k9w8-mx.153-3.JPJ9/R2.bin (15184 bytes)!!
extracting info.ver (291 bytes)
*Dec 7 03:11:22.359: Currently running a Release Image

*Dec 7 03:11:22.379: DTLS_CLIENT_ERROR: ../capwap/base_capwap/dtls/base_capwap_dtls_record.c:169 Pkt too old last_seq_num : 11109,Received sequence num: 1 distance: -11108
*Dec 7 03:11:22.383: Using SHA-2 signed certificate for image signing validation.
*Dec 7 03:11:22.451: %PKI-3-CERTIFICATE_INVALID_EXPIRED: Certificate chain validation has failed. The certificate (SN: 4E78A210000000000007) has expired. Validity period ended on 21:43:46 UTC Dec 4 2022
*Dec 7 03:11:22.451: Image signing certificate validation failed (1A).

*Dec 7 03:11:22.455: Failed to validate signature
*Dec 7 03:11:22.455: Digital Signature Failed Validation (flash:/update/ap3g2-k9w8-mx.153-3.JPJ9/final_hash)
*Dec 7 03:11:22.455: AP image integrity check FAILED
Aborting Image Download

Download image failed, notify controller!!! From: to, FailureCode:3






Who Me Too'd this topic