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BUG: RV325 remote management requires port 443 regardless

I have recently purchased a Cisco RV325 small business router, and have come across what appears to be a firmware bug effecting remote management.

The device has been updated to the latest firmware at the time of writing (v1.2.1.14).

When remote management is enabled (Firewall > General) and an alternate port is specified (e.g. 13443), and subsequent firewall rules are created to allow access on port 13443 from a single WAN IP (a.b.c.d) address to the routers WAN IP (w.x.y.z) address, and another lower priority rules denies all other WAN IP's to the routers WAN IP, then remote management does NOT work and no connection can be made.

In order for it to work another rules needs to be created to allow the default port (443) from the same single WAN IP to the routers WAN IP:

Allow    WAN a.b.c.d     port 13443       to w.x.y.z

Allow   WAN a.b.c.d    port 443           to w.x.y.z <-- this shouldn't be necessary

Deny    WAN ALL         All Traffic          to w.x.y.z

At this point remote management works, but is available on both ports - 13443 and 443 which defeats the purpose of being able to specify an alternate (obscure) port.


No matter what you specify in

No matter what you specify in the remote management port it will always listen on 443. You just can't use 443. It's without a single doubt the worst router I have yet had to manage.

Never buy anything from the RV series boys & gals, it's pretty much the shittiest box around. It might have the shiny Cisco brand stamped on it but it's an as-shitty-as-they-come Linksys. Pig with a wig and very much Cisco unworthy!

We're moving to pfSense / Netgate because we need options that actually work and not waste time fiddling around with some toy. 



Re: BUG: RV325 remote management requires port 443 regardless

I had a similar issue where it would not even pull up on 443 until i added a rule to allow it. On top of that, my fortigate does not like the way it handles connection setup and it will not connect half of the time. I have deployed about 40 of them and this is the first time I had to explicitly allow access to port 443.