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Blocking URLs with RV110


After consulting documentation and posts in this forum - I am pretty sure that I am following the correct procedure for blocking websites in my Cisco RV110w. It is set to always allow except on specific websites, for example,, yet it does not block them. I have also tried using keywords and nothing is blocked. I followed the same procedure (going to "URL blocking") on my RV120 and it was able to block websites successfully.

Is there a fix for this?

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Kremena Ivanova
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Are you using the latest firmware on RV110W? Can you give me an example, what did you test? I just tested blocking URL and also by keyword and it is working. I am on version and I use as URL:

Please, note that it is blocking only the http trafic. This router does not support capabilities to block https.

Attached is how I made the configuration. Share if you are testing something else




Thank you for the response Kremena,

I am using the same firmware version. I just added Amazon as a keyword to test and it is allowing access to amazon. I have included screenshots of my configuration as well as the website. The MAC addresses are copied and pasted directly from the connected devices screen so I am sure they are correct.


I tested with the MAC instead of IP and I find no issue to filter the URL. There must be something else happening in your environement.

 Is there additional Firewall rule/ACL to allow trafic? from LAN? that you configured? Or any kind of redirection of trafic to another gateway.

And if not, there always a possiblity something to be wrong with the configuration. Make a backup of the config and do a factory reset and with no additional configuration test again the URL filtering.






A workaround that can be used for this issue,but it can take sometime to setup. Collect all the sites that use HTTPS. Run all sites with the NSLOOKUP cmd on pc so you can get all ip addresses of the servers. Then create firewall rules denying all of them. If you decide to use this workaround let me know if you need assistance with setting the firewall rules. Hope that this has helped.

Thanks for the response - I considered that but I also ran into issues with the RV110 when trying to input IP address rnages for this purpose. It kept saying "invalid IP format."

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