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Bug report: vpn (ipsec) interface number in snmp always change



this is a bug report for RV082 hardware version 3 and 4, firmware version 1.x, 2.x and 4.x (all latest versions). I hope someone from cisco/belkin reads it.


The snmp interface number of a VPN Tunnel change when the VPN tunnel disconnect and then re-connects.

What should happend:

The VPN Tunnel number 1, should always have the same snmp interface number. In RV082 v4, this number should always be 10. For example, the LAN, WAN1 and WAN2 always have the same snmp interface number.

What is the problem:

The VPN Tunnel number 1 change the snmp interface number, from 10, to 11, to 12, etc.

How to reproduce:

create a VPN Tunnel using 2 RV082 or 1 RV082 and 1 RV042. Once the VPN Tunnel is connected write down the snmp interface number. A few days later, disconnect the cable of block internet access. Then restore the internet conection and write down the snmp interface number, you should note that the snmp interface number have changed.

Tools used:

PRTG Network Monitor

Please take a look at the attached image, note all the "ppp" interfaces, theres only 1 VPN Tunnel (gateway-to-gateway) defined.

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Tom Watts

Hi Olivers, checking out, seems interesting. You may want to open a ticket with the small business support center to get it checked out as well.

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-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts

How to I do that? I hope I don't have to pay money.

Hi Olivers, generally, phone support is free. You can call the SBSC

You should be asked for your Cisco ID (what to use to log in to the forum) and the serial number of your router. If anyone tells you that a support contract is required, they are incorrect.

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-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts

Hi Tom,

many thanks for your reply.

I see that I have to call Tech-support, in order to report a very technical situation, explaining them this is a bug report and I want them to make a better product.

Since I won't pay a dime for this problem to be fixed, I can only see pain in this path(calling to speak with a tech support representative).

I also readed that Belkin has bought Linksys, so I don't know if the RV082 will remain with Cisco or will go with Belkin.

So, my only hope is to document this bug, that is pressent inall firmware version and hardware version of the RV082 as of today.

many thanks for your help,



Hi Olivers, all of the small business products stay at Cisco. Basically "Cisco Home" has been sold off to Belkin so this is no worries.

You shouldn't have any warranty issues for support issues if your router is a version 3. As far as I know you're entitled support for software defects anyway.

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-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts

Hi Tom,

many thanks for the info. I think is good news that the RV082 stays with Cisco.

I will try then calling tech support, I have doubts that they will understand the problem or that they wont ask for money. I honestly think this is a defect in the way snmp works. If the RV082 uses the net-snmp libraries, definitelly it should not have a bug.



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