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Cannot open website while connected to multi WAN


Currently I'm using Cisco RV016 V03 (Firmware version: Jan 18 2012)

My current problem is: Client cannot open website (port80) while RV016 connected to multi WAN.

                                  [But at that time client can access to SSL (of same website) webpage]

Currently I have 3 WAN links from difference ISP


Connection Type

WAN1Obtain an IP automatically

Normally I used "Protocol Binding" to force all client to used WAN1.

But after I found this problem I changed "Protocol Binding" to force all client to used WAN 2 for a while.

At that time I think this problem is occur from ISP of WAN1 (Let's call ISP#1).

After I contact to ISP#1 and they request me to investigate this problem together.

From their request I was disconnect WAN2 and WAN3 and changed "Protocol Binding" to force all client to used WAN1

After that client suddenly can access to website (with port80).

So, I turn on WAN2 and WAN3 modem suddenly, the result is client can't access to website (port80).

I try to disconnect WAN2 and WAN3 again. The result is client can access to website suddenly.

From my understanding this problem didn't occur from ISP#1.

But it came from RV016.

I would like to discuss to everyone

- Is this problem came from RV016?

- If problem came from RV016, How I fix this problem

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do all 3 WAN links have working DNS servers?

try setting all DNS on all WAN ports to use OpenDNS servers and see if that works.

Regards Simon

Regards Simon

Thank you your suggestion.

But I still have this problem

Hello Kanna, you have mentioned you tested the one internet connection, but there is no mention about testing the internet connections #2 and #3.

If you use internet #2 or #3 alone, do they work fine?

If you move the known working internet connection in to the second or third WAN port, does your known internet connection work fine?

What IP addresses do you receive from connections #2 and #3?

When you view the connection status, are all 3 WAN information showing correctly?

Are you having any issues resolving DNS while all 3 WAN are connected?

Are you able to run continuous ping to several websites by IP address without problems while all 3 WAN connected?

-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts

Acturly I already test WAN2 and WAN3 also.

Yesterday I test 1 more senario.

     - Connect WAN1

     - Try to browse website for 3 hours > Can use normally

     - Turn on WAN2 and WAN3 modem

     - Try to browse website > After 30minuites I can't open any website

     - Trun off WAN1 and WAN3 modem

     - Try to browse website > Can use normally

     - Turn off WAN2 modem

     - Turn on WAN3 modem

     - Try to browse website > Can use normally

     - Trun on WAN2 modem

     - Try to browse webite > Can't open any website, after 30 minuites.

From this senario, I still not clear, What is the cause of this problem.



     Router config?


Sounds like a firmware issue.

If all 3 WAN verifiably work, every time a firmware flash/upgrade and reset resolves it.

Sometimes when everything is 100% correct, the router may just need some maintenance.

I'm not convinced it is wholly the router's fault. What websites are you trying to use? HTTPS websites in particular are extremely fussy with multi-wan connections.

You may also want to look in to the connection keep alive which verifies the connection is up every 30 seconds.

-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts


I test with facebook, adobe and also Cisco

Another strange thing is

     If I access facebook via HTTP ( I can't access to facebook.

     But if I access via HTTPS ( I can access to facebook(at the same time).

I'm not very experienced at this, but I was setting up a dual WAN RV042 a couple of weeks ago, and immediately began having DNS resolution issues (specifically with Facebook).

When I changed the DNS servers on BOTH of the WANs to Google's DNS servers, the problem went away.

See here:

The DNS addresses are and

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