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CISCO RV042 Support Dual wan vsat or RF Link

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Level 1

Hello ,

i want to use cisco rv042 router for ATM please suggest can i use this router for 2 atm machine wirh 2 wan links likes rf link & vsat links

can i use link redundancy features

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Tom Watts
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi Sandeep, you may use satelite links on the WAN of this router.  Do you mean ATM such as a bank machine or ATM such as asynchronous transfer mode? The router does not support asynchronous transfer mode, your upstream devices would have to support Ethernet conversion for the vpi/vci or vp if that is what you're asking.

If you're asking for basic connectivity for like a banking ATM device, so long as it support ethernet connection and obtains and IP there is no problems.

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Thanks Tom,

Is it support point to point ethernet link ? & Static Routing.with AD we are not using ADSL internet feature.we want to use this router for Intranet connectivity.ATM is Machine with Windows xp.Is isupport classless ip subnets ? /30

Please reply