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Cisco RV180 needs help..buyers beware.

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So for a while now, we have used the Linksys (Cisco) RVS4000 Small BUsiness routers at our business and have had great success.  We opened a new location, and went to buy more, only to find out, they no longer make them, and have been replaced by the Cisco RV180 routers.  Figuring these will work as seemess as the others, we bought some. 

Wow, was I wrong.  Using mainly the default settings, we are having major connection issues, mainly by our programs that are somehow timing out and having read/write delays.  I know it's the RV180 because I found an old backup RVS4000 Router, put it in place, and it works perfect.  Seeing that the last firmware update on this router is June of 2012, and reading the number of posts and problems with this Router, Cisco obviously doesn't give a rip that they have a piece of SH** out there they are selling, with no plan to make fixes and update firmware.  We have gone through these settings with a fine-toothed comb and turned off about every firewall and IPS setting there is, but no matter what we do, it still persists.


Until Cisco decides to get seious about their small business line, I will be buying D-link and Netgear routers, as they actually work.

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This is true. I am having issues with this router, which seems unable to do basic things!
I had cisco to my top but after rv180 and it's problems...
Anyway the worst is that cisco doesn't seem to be interested on finding a way to help customers with this issue. Just spending hours and hours on the phone line and live chat with no hope!

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Hello Kostas,

Can you please share the Service Request number for the issue?



Nagaraja Thanthry
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello Tim,

If you have already reported this issue to Cisco SBSC, can you please share the service request number for this issue? We would like to track the issue and see if it is something to do with the configuration or system. If you have not reported this issue to the Cisco SBSC, could you please contact them and open a service request? We would like to investigate the root cause for the performance issue you are facing and find a resolution for the same.

Cisco SBSC contact information:



We upgraded from a few WRVS4400N to RW220W. I agree that the RV180 should not be considered a replacement. The RV220W is a better match. It has more functionality in a few areas - especially VPN and user handling, but does not have deep packet Intrusion Detection.

It is a good router - especially for the price point. There are a few issues with the latest firmware but it is much better than the earlier firmware releases.


Hello David,

Thank you for being a valued Cisco customer. We are continually improving the product and fixing issues as we come across them via customer base or our internal testing. Could you please send me an email at and provide me some details on the issues you are facing? We will be happy to investigate them and probably find a fix for them at the earliest.



Hello again, sorry for my delayed response. My SR is :

SR 624984215 - GR

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Inclined to agree.  When I had problems with my RV180W initially, I allowed for the fact that it was a new product and that there may be some issues and firmware updates.  There were issues, but no firmware updates.  The response from tech support has been annoyingly slow especially after the colossal amount of time I spent experimenting and collecting data to help with the case.

Same problem here. Reported to SBSC: SR 625082759.

I'd like to replace this model to rv220...

Good morning to all. Problem (Port forwarding) solved with the beta firmware that received from cisco support. Now there is a new issue on front. Router is unable to deliver me the external IPs from the connections coming to my PC. I am getting as WAN IP of every connection the router's IP ( I don't know why this is happening or why this product has so much problems.

Can Cisco replace this with another working product of the same category?

What about NAT issue described by Bruno in ?

Is it resolved in beta?

I'll answer my own question.

No, version doesn't resolve connections from behind NAT issue.

How are we able to get our hands on the beta firmware?

Hi Tim,

calling SBCS and creating SR.

Hello Dawid,

Can you please provide us some additional information on the issue and may be some forensics around the connection issues through RV180? Also, if you have not done already, please reach out to Cisco SBSC and log a Service Request so we can investigate this issue further.