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Cisco RV220/RV110 Site-Site VPN issues


Hi I have a couple of sites using the RV220 at head office and a few RV110's at branch offices linked by IPSec VPN. I am finding the links to be very unstable and it appears to be the actual routers causing this.

The issue starts when data flow stops between two sites, I can restart the RV110 at the branch office but this rarely fixes the issue. If I restart the RV220 at head office then the VPN is re-established. I find that both ends think they are connected, but I can't drop or reconnect the interface using the web interface. Traffic (Rx/Tx) across the link is usually reported as 0.


I have three businesses I look after that have this identical issue. The remote sites are connected via various methods (bridge mode to ADSL or 4G services)

All devices running latest firmware. Some times the links will freeze up several times a day, some times once a week.


Any help appreciated, this has been going on for some time.

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Max Harbin
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Sorry you are having these issues. A couple of questions please. On the RV220, is your IKE policy's Direction/Type set for Both (allows the router to work initiator or Responder Mode) ? Have you enabled Dead Peer Detection and set the Detection Period on all of the routers involved?

The IKE policy on the RV220 is set to Both. The remote RV110's are set to the default and minimum levels for Dead Peer Detection. (Delay: 10, Timeout: 30) They have been pretty stable for the past week to be honest, but I'm not expecting they will stay this way.


I would like to find out how many VPN connections you have terminating on the Rv220W and what is the internet connection and upload speed at the Rv220W location please.

At this site we have 3 RV110 remote endpoints, running over various connections. Two are over LTE with speeds of about 100/40 (down/up). The third is over ADSL 15/1. 

The RV220 is on a 20/20 fibre business connection.

Ok thank you for the reply, I was thinking that the speed at the main location could be a factor but it doesn't look like.

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