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Dual WAN and Log mail SMTP on RV082 ?


I use a RV082 with dual Wan and I cannot configure two SMTP.

Without authentication; a SMTP is specific of the provider.

When WAN1 comes down, SMTP to be used is the SMTP corresponding to WAN2 and vice versa.

Implementation of authentication with the mail server wil be useful.

Possibility of two mail servers with indication of the corresponding WAN is also useful.

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I don't know how or if it's possible to set up two SMTP servers, but I know that may ISPs block SMTP traffic that is not directed to one of their SMTP servers.  You could try picking just one SMTP server, and find out if it can be conacted on a non-standard port.  A lot of SMTP providers allow for this.

If you can configure a single SMTP server on a non-standard port, you should be able to conatct that SMTP server from anywhere on the internet because the traffic won't be blocked (at least not port-based blocking, which is what most ISPs use).

So in a scenario where WAN1 is the ISP who owns the SMTP server and WAN2 is a diferent ISP that blocks standard SMTP traffic...

1) If both WANs are working, SMTP traffic goes out WAN1.  No problem.

2) If only WAN1 is working, SMTP traffic goes out WAN1.  No problem.

3) If only WAN2 is working, SMTP traffic goes out WAN2, but is not blocked because it is on a non-standard port.  No problem.

I hope that helps.

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