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Experiences with SA500 series?

I'm relatively new to Cisco products, but not to networking.  I've been using other products for over ten years now and avoiding Cisco during that time due to the complexity and cost of their offerings.  Over time, things have changed, Cisco has gotten more affordable, and my clients have gotten larger, so now it's time for me to start exploring the use of Cisco gear.

My requirements are as follows:

1) Dual WAN

2) Must support SIP ALG (VOIP phones on the LAN connecting to a SIP server on the WAN)

3) Must support multiple gateway-to-gateway VPN tunnels (probably won't need more than three or four)

4) A Web GUI would be great because I'm still not very familiar with the command line.

In this particualr scenario, the locations I'm supporting have 20 users or less, each with a desktop PC, a laptop, a VOIP phone, and whatever personal devices they may bring to work with them.

I'd like to hear about what Cisco products you feel would be best in this situation.  I was told that the SA520 would meet my requirements.

Does anyone have any experience with these units?  I've seen some negative feedback on other websites, so I'm curious.

Does Cisco still limit the number of users you can have on the LAN without buying more licenses, etc?



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Hi Matt,

SA500 will be a choice for you.  We have SA520(w) and SA540.  Here is the link to the data sheet for the model comparison.  I hope this will help you to get all your answers.  It also includes part number for easy ordering: