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Helpful support links - emulator, video tutorials, support pages +

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



This sticky-post will serve as a sign-post for incoming community members. Below you will find links to pages that you may find helpful. 


  • Virtual Assistant - Discover support content and options for your gear
  • Support page index - Contains a directory of existing product support pages, support pages contain links to documents for that specific product.
  • Device emulator index - Contains a directory of existing device emulators by device and firmware
  • Cisco Tech Talks - Homepage of our Tech Talks video channel, explore hundreds of support videos by device or topic


Let us know if there are any topics you'd like us to produce guides for and we'll get it done. If it already exists, we'll link you there. 

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In the device-emulator index page, i see that for RV34X and/or for RV160x/RV260x routers you have the links as below(for example):


"Online Device Emulator (ver1.0.03.15)"

- So in this above link iam assuming that the ver refers to the firmware running on the emulated router. If so i believe that the latest firmware is already v1.0.03.22 and the latest firmware is long-way improved firmware from v1.0.03.15 and has lots of fixes

- So my kind request is that if a user would want to use the emulator of the routers, it would be truly very useful to always have the latest officially released firmware running on it, rather than have a older firmware with bugs/issues which would not help the user in having a "Happy and productive experience of using the emulator" and may lead to new user/customers to put off by these cisco products unnecessary and avoidable reasons


its just my layman's thought







Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it. Our teammate who delivers the emulator files to our team- to then publish is currently OOO. I've asked her about the latest firmware versions for the routers you indicated.


Have great rest of your day!






Just a quick note here. 


The SMB and Cisco Business online device emulators are purposely built to make customers aware of how the web UI looks like and what the features are on the particular device. This is just for reference to show how the web GUI is organized and what the product is capable of. You can't really configure a real or custom configuration with the device emulators.


That being said it does not really matter what firmware version is uploaded on the emulators. In either way, one won't be able to hit or see in action any bug(s) or bug fixes or experience any of those even with the latest software. It only matters at some point if a new feature is being implemented.




Hello Martin


Thank you so much for your detailed clarifications on the actual "Emulator" functions. 

I visited the links and saw it for myself what is provided in the emulation of the routers. What you said is correct.


with regards