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Inter-site routing RV220w

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I have a mpls WAN setup from my telco for 6 sites and an internet feed with static ip addresses.  This is all hosted and managed by the telco.  I also have a remote site with static ip.  I have two RV220w, one at the remote site and the other at head office with my WANs internet connection.  I have been able to easily set up the site-to-site ipsec tunnel between them.  My telco has added routing entries to their router to instruct all six sites to send traffic to the head office rv220 if it's destined for the remote office.  How do i setup my remote office rv220 with static route entries on the other end of the tunnel.  Sorry if i'm not so clear.

Head Office is with the telco router at .253 and my rv220 at .93

Site A is .2.0

Site B is .3.0

Site C is .4.0

Site D is .5.0

Site E is .6.0

and the Remote site F is .7.0

HO and Sites A-E have routing entries on their routers to point any .7 destined traffic to .1.93

How do i set Remote site F to use the tunnel for any traffic for Sites A - E?

If I use the web interface to add a Static route my option is WAN or LAN. If I use WAN it shouldn't work as these are Private C addresses.  If I use lan and try putting .1.93 as my Gateway i naturally get an error back that it's not on the same subnet.

Am I going about it the wrong way or is it not possible with the rv220s to route traffic from A to F via HeadOffice and I should be looking at a different router on the Head Office end of the connection....

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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Level 1

Having the same trouble... spoke with cisco yesterday and still nothing....

They told me that maybe allow ANY in the VPN Policy Table could be an option. When i tried this i lost my internet and removed right after.

Still having the problem.

Any one have an idea ?


The RV220W will only pass traffic for one LAN subnet per IPSec tunnel. To reach other VLANs you will need to create multiple tunnels between the devices, one for each VLAN.

Edit: I have been informed that selecting "Any" for the Local Traffic Selection in VPN policy on the main office RV220W should allow access to all subnets at the main office through the tunnel. This may be a better option than creating multiple tunnels for each subnet.