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Internet Access behind CISCO RV016 extremely slow

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Level 1

We are having several issues with the new batch of RV016 (rebranded as cisco and with cisco firmware. 

The Cisco RV016’s are configured to load balance aDSL internet access from 4 Cisco 877 modems/routers.

Ports used are WAN1, WAN2, WAN3, WAN4.

Issues are:

  1. WAN 1 port resets to regularly and traffic on WAN 1 fails  
  2. DNS fails regularly behind the RV016 only
  3. Intermittent internet connection behind the RV016
  4. Slow internet connection behind the RV016
  5. Extremely slow DNS query and reply behind the RV016  (DNS resolve takes 1min -1m30)

The issues above are reported from different deployment sites and with different scenarios.  

We also test above with

  1. All firewall options are disabled in the rv016        - error persistent
  2. Default MTU                                                    - error persistent
  3. Custom MTU                                                   - error persistent
  4. MTU defined by ISP                                         - error persistent
  5. Factory packed firmware                 - error persistent
  6. Latest firmware from cisco website - error persistent
  7. Manual IPs and DNS for WAN ports                  - error persistent
  8. Manual DNS                                                   - error persistent
  9. Automatic DNS                                               - error persistent

Replacing the RV016

  • with Linksys RV042 solved all above issues
  • with an older Linksys RV016 solved all above issues
  • with a UTM solved all above issues

Since replacing the CISCO RV016 with an older LINKSYS RV016 or RV042 in the same setup corrected the above issues; I do not think the ISP or Internet Router is faulty.

Grateful to you if you could please assist us in identifying and resolving the above issues.

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Level 1
Level 1

We were able to identify the root cause of the error.

The WAN1 port is the culprit.

Test 1:

In the this configuration we use WAN 1, WAN 2, WAN 3, and WAN 4, to aggregate 4x aDSL.

The system errs and becomes extremely slow, with dns failing regularly.

If we disconnect the WAN1 port, the RV016 works great.

Test 2:

Using WAN 2, 3, 4 and 5 ports to aggregate the 4x aDSL and it works great also.

In both test above, as soon as we connect WAN 1, the system errs and becomes extremely slow, with dns failing.

Test 3: (Out of the box, with factory default configuration)

We use WAN 1 and WAN 2 to aggregate the 2x aDSL with the default configuration.  We encountered the same error.

And as soon as, we disconnect the WAN 1 port the RV016 works great.

Test 4:

We reconfigured the unit in test 3 with the wizard for 3 WAN ports, connecting WAN 2 and WAN 3 only to aggregate the 2 aDSL  works fine.

We are suspecting a firmware bug on WAN 1, since all 5 units in stock have the same symptoms when we run all 4 tests above.

We also replaced the routers in the different wan ports and the same error prevails.

Any hits or advise please.  Thank you