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linksys rv082 daily restarts; on the same routers.


Recently my company has had to reorder a rv082 series vpn router. to replace its predecessor of the same model.

some background;

we bought 2 rv082's late 2009. and one has been working correctly for the past 9 months? while the other failed 2 months ago.

the replacement of which is now beginning to fail again.

always latest firmware 2.*

both routers locations have the same isp, 2 different subnets on the wan and lan side. and are vpn'd 2 each other.

business class cable by comcast.

the location with the router that keeps failing also has a backup adsl line set as a failover.

anywho when i say the router is failing or failed, i mean..

at first, intermittent (once a week) random restarts.

progressing to more recurring (once every couple days)..

to a more mild (once a day), until finally it begins to crash several times a day..

the one we shipped back actually wouldnt stay up longer than a few hours. and took a long time to restart.

ive tried using the snmp trap errors and the system log messages to diagnose whats wrong.. and the best i can come up with is an authentication failure sometimes before it crashes..

the new router is now in the mild stage, crashing once a day.

ive read many threads on the rv082 and noticed the blame is usually put upon the isp.

but i dont understand how or why a backup adsl line would destroy a working router..

any thoughts or questions that hopefully someone can help me with?



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How did you configure the new rv082? By restoring the config file or by manually entering all the setup info? Try reseting to factory default and manually configure the router.

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