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[NAT / PAT] Connect to an internal subnet server by its public address


Good evening,

I have the following network configuration:

The local network contains several machines including an HTTP (mimir) server accessible from the Internet. Since I have only one public address, I realize a PAT for:

  1. clients can access the Internet and ports
  2. http and https ports (80 and 443) are translated to the address of my server http (mimir).

This gives the following configuration:

interface ATM0 
 no ip address 
 no atm ilmi-keepalive 
 bridge-group 1 
 pvc 8/36 
 encapsulation aal5snap 
 interface FastEthernet0 
 description Vers switch principal 
 no cdp enable 
 interface Vlan1 
 ip address dhcp hostname bisfrost 
 ip nat inside 
 ip virtual-reassembly in 
 interface BVI1 
 ip address dhcp 
 ip nat outside 
 ip virtual-reassembly in 
 ipv6 address autoconfig 
 no ip forward-protocol nd 
 no ip http server 
 no ip http secure-server 
 ip nat inside source list reseau-domestique interface BVI1 overload 
 ip nat inside source static tcp 80 interface BVI1 80 
 ip nat inside source static tcp 443 interface BVI1 443 
 ip access-list standard reseau-domestique 

Unfortunately, translation to the server does not occur when the source is an internal host (eg. A1). To solve this problem, I have set up a lying DNS server that is used by internal hosts through DHCP. Problem, android phones do not respect the DHCP option, use Google DNS server ( and so, continue to use the public address.

Can you help me configure my NAT/PAT so that my internal clients can access the http server by its public address?

NB: What was tried, without success (I used only one internal interface)

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