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Please, help me to choose the right router

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For our new small business company's office we need a router, which simultaneously satisfies all of the following conditions:

- 4 (or 8) ethernet gigabit ports;

- Wireless N;

- Easy VPN connection via Windows VPN Client';

- Wake On LAN capability


Is there a model, that have all of this? Thank You!

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Hi Danail,

You can have RV042G or RV320 or RV082.

RV042G and RV320 has four Gbit ports. RV082 has eight fast ethernet ports. For Easy VPN client connection you can use Cisco Quick VPN software. You can download the Quick VPN client software from

Please refer to the datasheet below to know more about each of the product.

RV320 datasheet:

RV042G Data sheet -

RV082 datasheet:

Thank you.

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Level 1

Hello Danail,

RV180W and RV220W are the only small business routers that support the following from your list of requirements:

- Gigabit speed

- Wireless capabilities

- VPN capabilities

Plus, they offer security features.

Wake on LAN is not supported, but you can get this features from a small business switch, such as the SG/SF 200/300 Series Smart Switches.

These are the specs of the routers:

Cisco RV180W Wireless-N Multifunction VPN Router

Cisco RV220W Network Security Firewall

If you have further questions, please let me know.

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Personally, I'd recommend breaking the different requirements out to specific devices outside the router--for the 4-8 gig ports, attach a gigabit switch; for the n wireless, get an access point.  To me, a router should be a router first and all the other things second, if at all.  'Jack of all trades, master of none' is not what I want from my router.

VPN using  Quick VPN gives a lot of people grief.  I haven't tried it myself because I also opted to use the built-in windows pptp vpn client for when I need it.  And this works very well.

Wake on Lan isn't a popular feature with routers or other backend equipment that is on 24x7.

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