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Problems with ISA550 restore backups from other devices


Although I have no problem with backup/restore in ISA550 when I do it in the same device, I do have problems when restoring in one unit the backup of  another unit, i.e. when cloning devices in order to avoid having to configure every device from scratch. Lets call A the master device and B and C the devices I try to clone (to save most of the configuration) to modify them later.  I get two different situations here, but none of them works:

Situation 1.

B reads without complaining the backup from A and gets the same configurations settings than A, but once modified appropriately to stablish a VPN Site-to-Site tunnel with A, ther is no way to make it work. Furthermore, this unit cannot be configured to VPN with A, even using the Site-to-Site wizzard (which resets all VPN settings).

Situation 2.

C complaints when reading the backup from A and does not read it. However, this unit can be configured by hand using the wizzard and the VPN works fine.

So, I suspect that something in the backup identifies the unit in such way that VPN gets in troubles. What it does work is doing a FULL RESET of the unit B and then configure it manually.

I have reported the issue but the Cisco agent closed it simply saying that this cannot be done. I have serious dificulties believing that in you have N devices you have to do N configurations from scratch. I am aware that perhaps some codes must be removed before doing a backup, or that should be something like an "anonymous backup" for such objective, but I cannot accept that it is impossible to do.

I am looking for a reasonable way to do what it seems a basic feature.

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Hi Artur, thank you for using our forum, my name is Luis I am part of the Small business Support community. I have a couple of questions, are the A, B and C devices the same model?

Please, make sure if you configure those crossing values... (local LAN, remote LAN and Local WAN, remote WAN)

If you could provide us you case number, and also let us know what kind of VPN you are configuring we could assist you better.

Thank you.

I hope you find this answer useful


Luis Arias.

Cisco Network Support Engineer.

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