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Replace linksys rv082 VPN router with cisco rv180 VPN router

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Hello All,

I have a linksys rv082 VPN router with 35-50 computers, 2 VPN connections, 4 servers. I wondering if replacing the linksys rv082 router with a cisco rv180 VPN router is a good idea. According to the rv180's specifications, it seems to be a good router, my concern is that it looks small in size in comparation with the linksys rv082. I wonder if the rv180 can handle the work and the trafic of my network. I would like to know if it is ok to replace it or what are the risks.

Thanks in advance,

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If you have a compelling reason for replacing the linksys the RV180 might be a good choice.  The functionality and performance specs on the RV180 look really good for a router/firewall/VPN in it's price range.  I just deployed one a few weeks ago and have found 2 bugs so far.  That makes me a little uncomfortable with the RV180 but I must say that support's commitment to fixing them has been very good.

Bug 1 was a critical PPoE issue that looks a lot like RV180 dropping connections every 10 minutes or so  I think this bug was fixed with the latest firmware but I switched our connection over to a static IP address before updating.

Bug 2 for the most part is cosmetic but it can muck with monitoring tools.  Details on it can be found in the First Hop Spoofing with Traceroute on RV180 thread.


Thank you for your reply TekMason0,

I want to replace the Linksys RV082 because it is old (not supported) and has some problems with PCI Compliance tests. The RV180 has gigabit connection, I hope it can boost the performance of my network.

I will update the firmware. Also I read your topic with the dropping connections, very helpful information.

Thank you,

Andres, also keep in mind the RV082 is not eos/eol. They are still manufactured, on a version 3 hardware. It may not be a bad idea to simply buy another RV082 if you're content with the product line and just need the updated flavor.

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I just want to mention that accessing the admin page, it is very slow to load the page. I've updated the firmware version from to The older version was more fast to load the admin page than the new version. I'm wondering if this is a normal behavior on this RV180 VPN router.