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RV 320 wan routable range ?

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                   Hi all,

Just installed this brand new router in replacement of a bewan secure lx200h.

I'm pretty satisfied with VPN stability, VPN Backup feature is easy, even without any user manual ...

I didn't find how to make a load balanced VPN on both wans, but i'lll see that later...

Just flashed the last firmware v1.1.0.09 (2013-07-04, 13:28:17) this morning.

I have it configured as a gateway until there and I have two ISPs on both wans ports in PPOE.

For one of them everything is simple as i have only one routable IP, but the other one provides me a segment /29 as below :


I searched how to use it but didnt find a way... put it in One to One Nat but didn't change anything obviously

Any of you could explain how to make it for a newbie ?

Thousand Thanks by advance cause i need these routable adresses...

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Hello Serge,

You are right. You have to configure One-to-One NAT only. Can you please post your NAT configuration. If your configuration is right, we have to do a packet capture to see whether how many IPs are forwarded by your ISP to the WAN port.



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Hello Vijay,

Yeah,I got my /29 static range routed properly just activating RIP in advanced routing and creating the subnet in Multiple subnet table. (See below)

Actually the One to One Nat is totally useless for this config !

Not only useless unfortunately, but strangely inefficient !

Trying to Nat between public ip adresses & my default subnet, please see below what I got :

I'm afraid it could be a bug there... or am I too stupid to understand ?

I must precise that if I obey to this suggestion, there is no difference, still not working obviously...


Hello Serge,

I think it is a bug. Please contact the customer support at your country.