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RV-325: Firewall may not be working the way I thought it would


I have an RV-325 router ( connected to two WAN sources: WAN1 and WAN2.  WAN2 (eth2) is an ADSL modem router which forwards all traffic via a DMZ port to the RV-325 WAN2.  I see entries like these in the RV-325 "System LOG" which I do not understand:


2020-11-07, 04:50:50 ALLOW TCP -> on eth2
2020-11-07, 04:50:50 ALLOW TCP -> on eth2


The first line above seems like the outside address ( with port 58939 is being passed along to the RV-325 as port 9206.  As far as I can determine the ADSL modem is not supposed to be doing any port translation or port forwarding activities.


I'm not at all clear about the second line, except that it looks like the DMZ packet from the ADSL modem is port 58939 which is being sent to the RV-325 modem/firewall and port translated to port 9206. 


I have the following port forwarding rules in the access rules in the firewall:

Allow     PiA [9206]     WAN2     Any ~    Always
Deny     PiA [9206]     WAN1     Any ~     Always


Is this unwanted traffic actually arriving at the port 9206?  Thanks....RDK



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