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RV016 won't pull public address from DSL modem


Hello all,
I recently changed my home setup (for more ports and scalability) and am trying to implement a Netgear DM111PSPv2 (ADSL2+ modem/router) and my newly purchased Cisco Rv016. When the netgear is in Modem/Router mode and dhcp, NAT, and Firewall is enabled ( I can pull an address to Wan1 most of the time on the RV016 ( and then route traffic to the internet. I am trying to avoid double NAT and any unnecessary static routing, rules etc on the netgear side. With that being said, I am attempting to put the netgear in modem only mode(Bridge) and pull the public ip to the Wan1 port of the Rv016. I have been at this for a few days researching and trying different things and have yet to accomplish this task. For some reason the Wan ports on the Rv016 cannot or will not pull the public ip that is being served to the modem. When I disconnect cable from Netgear ethernet to Wan1 and go directly into my pc; perform a release and renew via cmd prompt it pulls the public address and I am able to browse or do whatever on the internet. When I reconnect it back to ANY Wan port on the Rv016 it cannot obtain a public ip address from my provider. Any ideas? Latest firmware on both devices. Am I missing something?


This was also posted on forums because I was unsure who was responsible for this product line. I thought support was moved over to this section. Any questions or ideas, please ask away.

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Ismael Arroyo



yes, you are correct once the Modem/router get in full bridge mode then rv016 will be able to pull a public ip. ISP could help with this as well. If DSL pppoe is required then those credential would also need to be configured in the Rv016 WAN settings.  If you are having issue after those credential have been put in try Cloning mac address of the pc. Mac address would be auto populated in the router. Hope this helps!


      Thanks for the reply. Im not using PPPoE. Im using: Enet_Encap, Mux=LLC, DHCP, VPI8/VCI35. Again, I can pull an address to a PC (connected to the ethernet port of the modem) via command prompt issuing ipconfig /release & renew. Browse the Inet, and ping, tracert, etc all without issues. Once I connect my modem's ethernet port to my RV016==> WAN1 configured for "Obtain Ip Address Automatically", DNS ip's are hardcoded into both devices, mtu set 1492. I cannot obtain the public address to the WAN1 interface when hitting the radio buttons of "Release Renew" on the Rv016 web gui. Hope this helps.



So after looking up requirements for Enet_Encap with a default VPI8/VCI35 public ip's are entered statically. Not sure why as your PC is able to get one dynamically. So one thing to try is setting the ip static on the WAN.

Enet_Encap works both ways Static or Dynamic. This is a Dynamic setup and more than likely being used for a shim. Hth. 

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