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RV016 working but all downloads lead to curruption

Level 1
Level 1

Hi, just purchase this RV016 and the firmware has been updated to

Almost every  download I try through the router leads to a curruption somehow, even  though the download manager gets it all.  If I go straight from the  cable modem I have no problems.  I use a cat5 lead from the front ports on the router to my PC.  A few small downloads under 512kb work.

I haven't change much from the default setup apart from the IP address to

It's a 4mbps upload and  0.8 downlink from what speedtest shows.  I have tried diff DL managers,  and get the same result on different connected PC's when through the router.  The great thing  about the RV016 is it speeds up the connection on this cable modem.

What can I change to get downloads working?

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Level 4
Level 4

there are numerous things you could try.

Your cable from either modem to router or router to pc is faulty.  change it for a new one, preferably cat5e/cat6

reset router to factory defaults.

set MTU to 1500 one router.

Regards Simon

Regards Simon

I haven't found any of those to work for me unfortunately.

Best to raise a ticket with SBSC and see if they have an answer for you

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Regards Simon