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RV042 Client setup

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I am having trouble setting up a Cisco RV042 router which I want to use because of its dual WAN feature to replace a DLink-615.

I use the router to connect from Israel to a VPN provider in the UK.

The settings that presently work on the Dlink that I need to replicate for the RV042 are as follows:

Connection Type - PPTP with Dynamic IP

Obtain DNS server address automatically

Username,Password and VPN server address

Encryption MPPE 128 bit

Authentification algorithm – MS-CHAP-V2

The RV042 has firmware V4.2.2.08 and the settings I have used so far are as follows:

WAN1 connection type  PPTP

WAN IP address to the UK VPN server address .

I have left the subnet Mask as and the default Gateway Address as

My VPN username and password

The DHCP setup is set to enable DHCP Server

I set the DNS Server (required) 1: to and leave everything else blank

This does not connect

Is it possible to setup the RV042 to work in the way the Dlink-615 works?

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The RV042 does not support IPSec/L2TP. More importantly, it cannot function as a VPN client so there is no place to enter a username or password. It is strictly a VPN server for IPSec Gateway to Gateway, IPSec VPN client access and PPTP client access.

- Marty

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According to Cisco technical support what I want to do is impossible.  The problem seems to be that since I cannot do an encrypted PPTP connection with the RV042 even establishing a L2TP connection will not be possible.  For secure VPN operation this router seems to depend on being attached to a computer running encryption software rather than it working on its own.  Please tell me if I am wrong.

Hi Geoffrey, the router on the far end, is this a VPN server?

The PPTP WAN option on the router is expecting to authenticate ISP connection to provide internet connectivity, much like PPPoE.

I also wouldn't be surprised if you see log message from attempts to connect. "pptpd" would be considered a server error while "pppd" is client error message. The router is not designed to work as VPN client capacity. It is designed to be VPN server for IP client connection, PPTP client connection and IPSEC gateway to gateway connection.

If your goal is to interconnect 2 remote site, you may want to try IPSEC gateway to gateway VPN if the far end router supports this.

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Many thanks for your response.

The far end server does support either straight PPTP or IPSec/L2TP clients but I have been told that authentication and encryption are needed for the PPTP connection.

I am not clear whether this would also be needed for a IPSec/L2TP connection - can you please clarify re this.

Should I be able to use the RV042's built in  Gateway to do an IPSec/L2TP connection?


The RV042 does not have L2TP functionality, either for site to site or client VPN. For site to site VPN, IPSec is the only option. You should check if the other end supports IPSec tunnels.

- Marty


If the other end will support IPSec tunnels would I be able to use this using what is built into the RV042 without needing PPTP encryption ?


Yes, most site to site tunnels use IPSec as it has stronger security than PPTP.

- Marty

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Level 5

The other thing you can do is just leave the Dlink in place and set the rv042 in the Dlink's DMZ.  This way, the dlink will handle the PPTP and just provide and IP address to the rv042.

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Using the rv042 on its own I thought that I just needed to go to the VPN Gateway to Gateway menu and fill in only these fields?

So far this has not worked.

My far end server people have told me what is needed for most of the fields but I notice that there is nowhere where I fill in my user password.

This does not seem correct.

Am I missing something ?


For a site to site tunnel you should use a preshared key. It sounds like you are attempting to set the RV042 up as a VPN client. It should be set up as a Gateway to Gateway VPN tunnel, not Client to Gateway. Was the D-Link set up as a PPTP client? The RV042 does not have settings for that.

- Marty


I am setting the RV042 as a Gateway to Gateway VPN tunnel with a pre shared key.

The server people have only told me this:

Local net/mask: Remote IP: Remote local net/mask:

He has to enter somewhere his username and password. But where exactly

- I don't know, as I don't have that router handy.

However on the Gateway to Gateway screens  there seems to be no way of entering the password that the distant server needs.

Do I need to be filling in the VPN Client Access screen which does have password fields?


The VPN Client screens are for if you want to set up the RV042 as a server