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RV042 giving out certificate instead of server


RV042 router is giving out the outer certificate  instead of server certificate. Outlook anywhere is failing and we are receiving certificate errors for any secure site behind this firewall.  I'm not talking  about remote  management. I'm talking about people trying to access our  web site,  which is secured, and getting an error because the RV042 is  giving its  own SSL certificate instead of the Server's certificate.  Firmware Version:  I don't see any updates for that  hardware.  I do have it working on an RV042 with the same firmware at a different location. 

How do we turn that off or keep it from happenning? 

Output from a test site

Attempting to resolve the host name xxxx in DNS.
The host name resolved successfully.
Additional Details
Testing TCP port 443 on host xxxx to ensure it's listening and open.
The port was opened successfully.

Testing the SSL certificate to make sure it's valid.
The SSL certificate failed one or more certificate validation checks.
Test Steps
ExRCA is attempting to obtain the SSL certificate from remote server xxxx on port 443.
ExRCA successfully obtained the remote SSL certificate.
Additional Details
Remote  Certificate Subject: SN=California, L=Irvine, C=US, O="Cisco-Linksys,  LLC", OU=RV042, CN=68:ef:bd:b8:0f:78, Issuer: SN=California, L=Irvine,  C=US, O="Cisco-Linksys, LLC", OU=RV042, CN=68:ef:bd:b8:0f:78.
Validating the certificate name.
Certificate name validation failed.
Additional Details
Host  name xxxx doesn't match any name found on the server  certificate SN=California, L=Irvine, C=US, O="Cisco-Linksys, LLC",  OU=RV042, CN=68:ef:bd:b8:0f:78.
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The fix that worked for me was to totally turn off https access to the router.  Remote access had not been emabled but internal was responding on 443.  Going to straight HTTP stopped it from responding to HTTPS requests. 

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