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RV042 Quick VPN Issue


So here is my issue. I have two sites, each with a Linksys RV042 on thier site.

Site 1:



Site 2:



We have setup a site-to-site VPN between these sites, and all traffic is running back and forth without isse.

At Site 1 we have configured the Client VPN for use with the QuickVPN software. Again, for site 1, this is not an issue. We are able to access all internal resources at Site 1 without issue (expect for some DNS related problems).

The problem that we have is attempting to access Site 2 resources via the QuickVPN connection at Site 1. Even though they are not suppose to exist, we are able to ping (which are ghost addresses likely created by the RV042's) but no actual systems on at Site 2.

I have added the Client VPN connection at Site 2, but it has the same problem accessing resources at Site 1.

Thanks for any help you have.


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David Carr
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Hey Ed, what are your tunnel settings between the two sites. 
I would like to see your settings in the tunnel setup and see if I see something wrong with it.  Are you including the whole subnet in the settings or just the ip address of the remote router?

Well, since when I am on either LAN segment I am able to communicate without issue, I am sure that the tunnel config is appropriate. But here is a summary of the configuration.

Phase2 Enc/Auth/Grp

Since I have worked with other VPN products, my first guess is that the split-tunnel configuration of the QuickVPN configuration does not acknowledge that the remote network segment exists. At first I thought I had it working since I was able to ping - 6 of the remote network; but again, those addresses do not actually exist on that network, and I am not able to ping any of the valid address on that segement, or connecf to network resources.

The issue is only when using the QuickVPN client, and not when actually on the network. So it is like the QuickVPN client does not know it is suppose to route that traffic on to the network, or that the remote computer does not know it is suppose to pass the traffic back through the tunnel. I mention this, since when I connect with the Quick VPN client, it does not seem to give me a internal address, it just uses my local address. I see no difference in my network interfaces or IP configuraiton using ipconfig; while most other VPN clients give you are virtual network interface that is used with the connection, which ends up with an internal IP address.

Any other suggestions? I would not figure that the client cannot handle this, since with this device I would expect this to be a standard configuration; but it is screwy when dealing with DNS not running on the router as well.

Here are the other settings for the tunnel, and there are no settings for the Client VPN settings or the client.

David Carr
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor


Are you trying to connect via quickvpn, then go through the tunnel to the other network through the tunnel?

If so, it will not work.  The quickvpn  utility will not allow you to connect up and have access through the other tunnel.

That is exactly what I am trying to do. Is that an official answer? I can live that, if that is the case.

I don't think it is too unbelievable that someone would want to do this with these routers.

The network has two separate segments, using the VPN site-to-site to allow data transfer between offices. Each office has a server that they use for local file services, with most services consolidated at the main office.

The Quick VPN gives functionality to connect to the offices, which again, this router is designed to support both Site-to-site and client access VPN’s; I would not think that using both of these features together would be uncommon. In the current situation, users now need to connect to whichever site they need files from, and need to ping-pong between VPN connections.

With that gripe made; thanks for confirming what I already thought was the case.


David Carr
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Yeah Ed, that is the reason it is not working for you.

I was glad I could help you out with your solution.

Sorry for re-opening very old thread.

I have exactly the same issue and same setup, but I found something very interesting: if I connect to any of the RV042s via PPTP, I can reach everything at the other end of the tunnel.

I wonder why it works via PPTP, if it doesn't work via QuickVPN.

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