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RV082, Dual Wan, VPN + Protocol Bindings


Hi all,

I have this kind of setup and I can't figure out how this router thinks.

My setup uses Dual Wan in load balancing mode. I only need a single VPN tunnel. High availablity is my concern.

Site 1 has Fiber and Cable

Site 2 has Cable and FTTN

Every ISP supplies Static IPs

VPN works great in the event of an outage. I am still disappointed that it works in case a single primary WAN breaks, but is not operational if primary WAN on Site 1 shutdowns at the same time Site 2 secondary WAN stops. It's a really rare case but could happen.

Anyway, my problems lie where I need Protocol Binding to preserve secure WEB sessions (https, banking, supplier portal).

I have to bind, at least, port 443 to my primary WAN. This way, I can access websites and keep my session active.

Then, if I have to browse a HTTPS server on the other side of the VPN, Protocol Binding still tries to pass port 443 through WAN1. It does not even consider the VPN as a valid route first.

Problem (Maybe)   Can I reduce Hop Count for Site 2 to less than 35??     P.S. I replaced addresses as I do not feel they are revelant.

Destination IP

Subnet Mask

Default Gateway

Hop Count

WAN2 network addr255.255.255.252*0eth2
WAN1 network addr255.255.255.248*0eth1

Site 2255.255.255.0Site 1 Fiber Gateway35eth1
Site 1255.255.255.0*0eth0
default0.0.0.0Site 1 Fiber WAN115eth1
default0.0.0.0Site 1 Cable WAN240eth2
default0.0.0.0Site 1 Fiber WAN140eth1

Thanks to all,


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Accepted Solutions

I would conclude that is a bug and requires further investigation. I wouldn't call it a limitation if it were my decision (not that I matter so much in this regard)

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Tom Watts

Hi Bruno, in the event of a WAN failure, the protocol bind rules should be failing over to the other WAN port. That is how the router is intended to work.

If your contention is that it is not happening a few steps to do first to receive proper support-

*Upgrade to the latest firmware

*Factory default the unit

*Create the base configuration


If this fails under the most fundamental circumstance then it would be a good time to call the small business support center and ask for an investigation.

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-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts