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RV082 firmware upgrade error?

Level 3
Level 3

This morning i upgraded a remote RV082 to from Numbers could be off slightly since i'm going from memory. I never got the normal acknowledgement the transfer was complete but after an ample amount of time closed the tunnel from my end, re- established my vpn but when i went to log in i received:

The requested server-side-includes filename, /usr/local/EasyAccess/www/htdocs/default.htm, does not seem to exist.

i googled it and found similar occurrences with earlier upgrades. I'm assuming it didn't reboot itself upon completion of the xfer, at least i'm hoping a cold reboot will correct this but as i'm remote and this install doesn't have an ethernet power controller i'm stuck until monday. Has anyone else seen this with the newest firmware and if so will a reboot correct this? Should i bring a spare RV082 just in case.

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Level 4
Level 4

Not heard this type or error before now but it could be possible that since you remotely done this that the VPN or Remote management port dropped before all data was sent to the router.

What way did you upgrade, over VPN or a remote management port?

Bring a spare router as well, but try recovering the firmware using the RV0xxV3 Firmware Rescue Utility here:

Regards Simon

Regards Simon

It was over VPN.

When i googled the err i did find similar reports on earlier revisions of the V3.

Normally firmware has to pass a final checksum that matches the file size before it's accepted and written to the system.

When i googled it they seemed to clear the problem with a cold reboot so that's what i'm hoping for.

To use the firmware recovery tool the router has to be on which it is not.  A factory reset may still work and then the recovery tool but that will be a last resort. 

The router apparently still functions properly, i can still VPN into the network but i can open the web interface to access config pages.  Otherwise it seems fine.  I've also never had a problem updating firmware through the VPN before either and often i have equipment that i can use to remotely power cycle equipment but this time i don't.

Edit above, i can't access web admin pages.


I remember older RV082/RV016 had the feature of holding two firmwares in NVRAM, i dont know if thats the same case witht he V3 routers. looks like you'll need to reboot /factory reset to see whats going on.

Regards Simon

Regards Simon
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