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RV110W VPN enhancements etc


I am looking to Cisco to pehaps add the following to the entire line of RV series VPN capable firewalls. (at least the RV110w)

  1. Add EZ_VPN, with ability to store remote usename password for tunnel auth.
  2. Add option 150 in the LAN DHCP config
  3. Supporting multiple subnets across a site to site vlans
  4. Voice vlan support?

It seems to me the RV series VPN capable devices would be great for teleworkers that use a Cisco UC phone system such as the UC500 series that support EZ_VPN,  as the SSL vpn on the SPA525 is buggy and unusable in a lot of my installations. and installing the SA/SR endpoints (most of with are end of life) devices are costly.  Also allows one to use lower cost SPA phones for remote users.

Since Cisco spent the time to add all the advanced IPSec options to allow one to connect to most any IPsec device, and are marketing this for teleworkers haveing the features listed above would really help.

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Tom Watts

Hi mlemmo, you should call the small business support center to make a feature request.

Traditionally, the small business routers have not supported the Cisco VPN clients. The latest exceptions have been the SA500 and SRP500 series supporting the Cisco VPN client and the ISA supporting AnyConnect. Currently, the bigger brothers of the RV110 also do not support the Cisco VPN clients except for QVPN.

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