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RV120W new firmware download

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Although the release notes have posted, the has not been officially released yet. When it is available you will be able to download it from the link below.

Blake Wright

Cisco SBSC Network Engineer

Thanks for reply, the actual version is in such condition that any at least slightly better upgrade is expected ;-)

After looking a the release notes and the new issues discovered, how did this version make it past quality control? NTP is now worse than before, yes, I may want to pick my own time source and have my access rules with scheduling actually work when I bounce the router, and the VLAN "feature" STILL needs alot more work. Come on Cisco, us folks in the industry look to you for qualilty networking solutions, not half baked "rush to market" small business offerings. Here is a suggestion, design and enable the OS to perform the features that are presented to the person rather that having to perform kludgy workarounds.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The RV120W firmware v1.0.3.10 is now available for download.

Yes, please be sure to read the release notes and take a backup configuration prior to upgrading to the firmware

Blake W

I am very disappointed. Some serious bugs from are still there in

• DHCP issue

• When CET time zone (GMT +1) and Daylight saving time are both enabled, time is shifted to CDT (-7 hours)

Configuration Backup of is not compatible with and cannot be restored to the "new" version.

Time is always set to GMT after restart, regardless the NTP configuration!!

The www interface stopped responding 5 times in the last 6 hours!! Really f*****g piece of software this "Cisco" firmware

Andy Gaston
Level 1
Level 1

Serious problems wih this firmware.

WebUI locks up consistently when selecting particular menu items, including:

Networking > LAN > VLAN Membership and Multiple VLAN Subnets

Security > RADIUS configuration

QoS > Profile Bindings

and more....

Also, the Edit Button does not work when editing any SSID under:

Wireless > Basic Settings

I have re-uploaded the firmware and factory defaulted the settings for the device 3 times now, with the same results.

I've tried skipping the initial setup wizard or running through it, though running through it is the only way to configure an SSID, as the Edit button is non-functioning.

It's sad, I was going to ship this off today client today for their home office. I had the entire thing configured, and did a final firmware update as I noticed this was out this morning.

Sheesh....IP/MAC binding does not work either....crashes the router, it reboots, and guess what time it thinks it is.......I find it hard to beliveve that your test "Engineers" actually test every feature before it is release to production. Seems I will have to get my Linksys with Tomato back online to perform any meaningful firewall use.....

TeamF1 ( develops this firmware, quality control totally failed ...

Perhaps Cisco should show "TeamF1" the curb and hire these folks.......

I don´t think that Tomato FW is suitable for Small Business customer needs (Missing IPSec, tightly bound to Broadcom chipset etc.). I would recommend pfSense, m0nowall or IPCop.