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RV120W new firmware download

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Abudef000, my point was we should not even be having this discussion if Cisco vetted their products before putting their name on them and shipping them.

Hello Robert,

Thank you very much for your feedback. We continually  strive to improve our products and fix issues found/reported by the  customers. If you have not done so already, I would request you to kindly work with our support center and open a service request so we can further investigate the crashing issue. You can reach our Support Centers using the contact  information in the below link:

Thank  you,


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Aren’t you ashamed of releasing such poor piece of software? With dozens of bug listed and 3 minor fixes??

RV120W and RV220 never worked well since day one, more than 2 years ago! I’ve completely lost confidence on SB CISCO, and will stop promoting their mainframe product at work. Having such poor support on those categories of product let me think there is something wrong inside the company and I don’t want to put my company at risk.

Jorge, Which issue is most stressing on your side? Do you have a ticket open?

I can help checking if the issue is addressed in the 1.0.4.x firmware that is under testing.

Hello Jorge,

Thank you very much for your feedback. We continually strive to improve our products and fix issues found/reported by the customers. I would request you to kindly work with our Support Center and open service requests pertaining to your device so we can investigate the issues further and get them fixed through our Engineering team. You can reach our Support Centers using the contact information in the below link:

Thank you,


In the release note of the last official FW it states 4 issues have been fixed (took 1 year to achieve this) and the same file list 13 issues opened, with some of them been kind of pathetic for a major company on an product almost 2 years old like :

Issue—Enable inter-VLAN option does not work when setting up multiple VLANs at one time. > Workaround—Create VLANs individually. Choose Networking > VLAN Membership. Create the new VLAN and enable the Inter-VLAN option. Click Add and add the additional VLANS. Click Save.


Issue—When the Access Rules table contains more than 10 rules, the reorder function may not work. > Workaround—Delete and re-add the access rules in the desired order.

And the notes forget to mention obvious problem that anyone logging into the console will notice in seconds (some been reported in this tread or others about the RV120W) like interface freeze, the log been completely useless because spamed with garbage error or not visible in IE, the NTP not working on CET+DTS, instability that force you to restart the router at least once a week, factory reset after every update (come-on do you really think we have nothing better to do than reenter the configuration every time, ho and maybe you can explain me how I do that on the 15 distant sites?) etc. etc.
This is the most stressing on my side a router should have an uptime of 100% and you need to trust him to do the job, not praying every morning that everything is still going well.

Took TeamF1 one year to fix 4 bugs... I don’t have the patience to wait 3 or 4 more years for them to fix the 13 they managed to find.

And about the ticket you always ask to open, I spent way too much time with your teams on the phone to fix obvious problem, I don’t get pay for this. If all the known issue were fixed of curse I’ll be more than glad to help pin point the problem, once again, but here, come-on, a 2 years old SB product shouldn’t have such a long list of “known issues” on a yearly fw! (I kind of appreciate the irony on Nagaraja message when he says “We continually strive to improve our products and fix issues found/reported by the customers”)

I rather spend my time finding an alternative for me and my clients, like I say before I don’t think CISCO is investing enough time and money on supporting their SB product line and the release note are there to prove it.

Nagaraja and other Cisco employees, I have no intention of "calling in and creating a service ticket". Tell you what, have the Director/VP of Small Business Product Engineering/Marketing create the Service Ticket with HIS/HER Engineers from the observations, experiances or symptoms listed on this blog and any other RV blog. If you need a serial number, use any of the RV110/120/220 devices that have shipped from the INITIAL release date. I, and my fellow collegues on this site that have take time from our busy day to report these issues are either too busy either putting out fires these products have caused or are swapping them out for another device THAT PERFORMS THE FEATURES WE PURCHASED THEM TO DO!! See...this is a perfect example of outsourcing a function that worked pretty good when you had inhouse control of the quality....

You might want to check ZYXEL, unified mature firmware; true support (more than 1 or 2 fw release a year) very flexible software and bug get actually fixed.

They might be a little slower than CISCO (and I’m really not sure about that), but they don’t implement functions that doesn’t work and it’s by far the most important for me..

Anyway, good luck to you, I won’t come back or promote CISCO until they fix they internal problem and start truly investing and release stable FW for their SM line of product

Netgear also uses TeamF1 firmwares in many SB devices. I have very good personal eperience with FVS336Gv2 and SRX5308. I have never felt such frustrating helplessness and anger like with actual Cisco SB ...

Ya, I have nothing against TeamF1 I don’t know them. They probably do the job they get pay for. It’s CISCO responsibility to do the quality control, and change provider if they doesn’t deliver what they are supposed to.

You got the right word, frustration. I worked very successfully with the RV082 and RV042 during may year without major issue and uptime > to a year.. Today I feel happy if I achieve to one week lol

i am totally agree with you Jorge... Poor support et poor quality!! if someone want to by my RV220w

Feel free to contact me