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RV130W or RV320?

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I have about 15 RV110w's in the field. The problem is many of those clients are now moving to a hosted VOIP solution and even with upgraded firmware I cannot turn off SIP ALG on the RV110W. So I beleive I need ot upgrade them. Questions are:

1. I like the specs of the RV130W to gain gigabit, but does it allow me to turn off SIP ALG?

2. I could move to an RV320 as I am pretty sure I can turn off SIP ALG but have read issues about dropping connections if you aren't using the second WAN port, which most of the time I won't be, so that scares me. Is that a real widespread problem?

3. If WAP's like the 121 or 321 are going to be used. Can the radio on the RV110W and RV130W be part of a cluster of WAP's or should they be turned off?

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Level 5

Here's what I would do to evaluate the rv130w vs the rv320.  First, check out both owners manuals and read anything related to SIP ALG as well as look at any screenshots of the interfaces.

Second, I would get one of each from a vendor with a return policy and evaluate each at a site.  Keep the rv110w on standby in case of any issues.  After 2 weeks, you'll know your next course of action. :)

As far as the wifi on the rv130w.  I've been doing some research on this unit as I'm considering it myself, and after the various problems I've seen documented with the wifi, I'd turn it off--especially if you already have a wifi infrastructure.  Just let the routers route.  That's what I'm looking to do, pairing it up with some sort of AC1700 access point...

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Thanks for the reply. I have verified I can turn off SIP ALG on the rv320, and looking at some documentation it does appear I can do the same on the RV130w. So that appears the best option at this point.

As far as the wifi, I haven't had any issues on the RV110w, so hopefully there are none on the RV130W either. In my office I fired up a WAP121 and plugged it into the RV110W. I didn't put the AP in a cluster, just a single AP and it worked very well and increased my throughput from 55mb download to 65mb download.

So I will do some testing, but it appears the RV130 (not the RV130W) may be the way to go and then use Access Points for Wireless.

I didn't realize there was a non-wifi version of the rv130.  That sounds like it will really fit the bill.  And what a value for the money for what it can do.  A sub-$100 vpn router that can also do 800+ wan to lan--simply amazing.

Huntsville's Premiere Car and Bike e-magazine:

As a follow up and probably conclusion for me on this is that I contacted the VOIP provider today and they told me there has always been issues with the RV series of routers and their system. They stated that the problem is that the routers assign the same ports to different phones. They said they could tell that at the time I talked to them that 4 of the current phones online had the same port number. Which apparently makes transferring calls a bit of a problem. I'm not a phone guy, I'm an IT guy, from a data perspective I love the RV series, but apparently not a good VOIP fit. So I am going to look at a different series of router. I will repurpose my RV110W series where VOIP isn't being implemented. Thanks again.