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RV215W Huawei E173 and ZTE MF636


I have purchased a Cisco RV215W router which we would like to use for our field technicians out on site.  Therefore the USB 3G dongle feature will be very useful.

We have a mixture on internet dongles that we routinely use, both Three (UK) and Orange (UK) {now EE}

The dongle from Three (Huawei MF627) works fine.  However none of the dongles I have from Orange work!  I have a choice of three dongles for testing:

Orange (old): ZTE MF636 (Vendor ID 0x19D2, Product ID 0x0033)

Orange (new): Huawei E173 (Vendor ID 0x12D1, Product ID 0x1C08)

Orange (new): Huawei E173 (Vendor ID 0x12D1, Product ID 0x1C07)

Both the ZTE MF636 and the Huawei E173 are on the list of compatible devices:

I suspect that the problem may be that the PID for the devices varies between dongles.  I have two identical E173 dongles, both supplied from the same provider at the same time, but with two different PID (see above).  However neither is detected, I simply get in the event log:

syslog: Not support this USB Dongle. (Vendor ID 0x12D1, Product ID 0x1C08)

with the PID being either 0x1C07 or 0x1C08 depending on which dongle is connected.  I also know that the ZTE MF636 is available in 0x0031 and 0x0033.

I have the latest firmware ( and have downloaded the latest "USB dynamic module files of RV215W version", but none of these include updated drivers for the dongles listed above.

Are there any later driver versions available, or are there plans to add the missing PID into the existing drivers for the ZTE MF636 and Huawei E173?



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Level 5

Very interesting.  I'm really surprised Cisco hasn't replied.

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Marc Nagao
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


There may be regional differences between the same dongle modem used. Please get a case created with our support team - they have a direct line into the team that can get drivers set-up for these modems.

Please note, we may not be able to support all modems, but we will do our best.



Hello Marc,

Thank you for the reply. 

It says that I can't create a support case as I don't have a service contract.  Is there any other way to do this - we have only just purchased this router, so the router would be under warranty, but we don't have any service contracts with Cisco.



Hello Jack,

Please contact Cisco Support using the contact information listed in the below link and open a service request.



There is now a case created for this: 628225921

Also requested the Firmware for both dongles, but was not able to provide this at the time, as I needed to restart in order to install the modem software on this computer.  The firmware on these dongles is:

Huawei (VID 12D1 PID 1C07) Firmware:
ZTE (VID 19D2 PID 0033) Firmware: BD_ORGP673M2V1.0.1B09

I cannot access the support cases online to update this (no support contract), so will update this information tomorrow when the technical support office is open again.

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