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RV220W ( - Firewall - Access Rules - Default Outbound Policy - Block

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Even if I set Firewall - Access Rules with Default Outbound Policy to Block, the outbound trafic is still allowed for any WIFI client conected.

Any idea why?

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Tom Watts
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VIP Alumni

Hi Ciprian, do you insinuate the wired clients have blocked access while the wifi connections still have access? Do you have any access rules to permit or are the access rules completely default state?

You may want to reboot the router after changing the outbound policy to make sure it is applied and saved correctly.

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The story is a big longer. Starting with previous firmware version I had Default Outbound Policy - Block

and one outbound allow by schedule rule active between 10:00 - 20:00.

After upgrade on the trafic was not blocked that all before 10:00 or after 20:00 as espected.

The next step was reset to factory defaults and I recreate the rule with same schedule with the hope to fix the problem.

No change, I was still able to connect outsite world before 10:00 or after 20:00.

After I delete the rule, the Outbound Policy Still Block everybody LAN or WIFI were able to conenct outside world. Then I decide to post the question here.

I followed your advice to reboot and after that with no rules only Outbound Policy - Block I was not able to go outside as espected.

I recreate the same outbound allow by schedule rule active between 10:00 - 20:00. Then reboot. Few minutes before 20:00, I was happy that I am able to connect outside as expected.

Half an hour later, was after 20:00, I was trying again with the expectation that my traffic will be block, but was not.

I again rebooted with the hope that if is after 20:00 and after reboot all trafic outside will be blocked, but was not.

Any advice is welcome.

Hi Ciprian,

I had a similar experience but now all appears OK. I use time scheduling reasonably extensively.

Here are some comments;

1) make sure that you are looking at the rules from the REORDER page. The Access Rules page just shows the rules in the order that you enter them, not the order that they are applied.

2) In the REORDER page it is easy to get confused if you have a few rules that use schedules. The reason for this is that the REORDER page shows you the rules summary and states that it is "Blocked by schedule" but it does NOT show you which schedule. Therefore you can have rules that look the same from the REORDER page but are not the rules you expect. I ended up using the IP address range as a methond for identying which rules are which in the REORDER page.

3) as per Tom's response. I would suggest a reboot after you have changed or added a lot of rules - especially the default rules.

4) check you router time. It may not be what you expect if the router has updated the time from the internet.

Once the rules settle, in my experience the router can meet your requirements.