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RV220W and inbound communication

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I am hoping that CISCO is considering a firmware update to this useful and powerful Small Business Router.

One of the main items that needs to be fixed in the RV220W relates to the incoming firewall rules. It is not possible to block incoming packets to a specific internal IP address or address range.

We have a situation where we restrict access after hours and weekends. This works for outgoing rules, however we have found that it is possible to start a Torrent during normal hours and then the torrent will contine downloading after hours. Tried to set-up a rule restricting incoming packets but it is not possible to do so for an internal address range.

Out of curiosity I set-up a rule to block ALL incoming packets from ANY address to ALL internal IP addresses. Much to my surprise it was still possible to use the internet and any torrent downloads continued to work! I then tried blocking a known internet address by setting up a rule to block all packets from this address but this seemed to make no difference.

If the users are connected with wireless then I could arrange for the wireless AP to close, but these are wired users.

Other than this issue we are very pleased with the RV220W.


PS: comments welcome

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Level 1

Hi David, thank you for using our forum, my name is Luis I am part of the Small business Support community. I apologize for your inconvenience David, I was wondering what firmware are you running? The last firmware is and you can download it in the link bellow,

Also I found a post regarding Torrent Downloads that you could use to find an alternative solution.

I hope you find this answer useful


Luis Arias

Cisco Network Support Engineer.

Thanks for the response Luis.

I am already running

Regarding uTorrent:

I have read the post which includes:

Hi Antreas, thank you for using our forum, my name is Johnnatan I am  part of the Small business Support community. I apologize for the you  are having, also I am sorry but is not possible to block the Utorrent  because this application use a random port to download the file, if you  want to lock it you need to block all the ports in your router....

The point here is that I DID set the router to block all ports, however the torrent downloads continue (if they are already running). It is as though the router does not block the communication because it was already established. I would expect a incoming rule that said block ALL ports from ALL IP addresses to stop the internet from communication with internal IP addresses. It does not seem to do this.


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