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RV220W and IPv6 Prefix Delegation


I noticed that the recently released firmware version for the RV110W router mentions in the release notes that DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation is now supported. Does that mean that this feature will also be implemented in some future firmware release (if we ever see one) for the RV220W router? This is the method used by most if not all ISPs around the world (e.g. Comcast) for IPv6 and the only one RV220W does not currently support.

P.S. As of beta version there is no support for IPv6 Prefix Delegation.

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Te-Kai Liu
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Rising star

IPv6 Prefix Delegation is in the roadmap of a future RV220W firmware after the official release of 1.0.4.x.

Hi tekliu,

Thank you for your reply. A few minutes ago I received an email from a Cisco support representative who is handling an issue I have that the RV220W and RV120W are not going to get the IPv6 Prefix Delegation feature implemented. Unless he meant in the 1.0.4.x firmware series.

Could you please clarify this?

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I've updated my previous posting with a blue font.

The blue font sure looks nice but what does it mean?

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