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RV220W can only add 9 PPTP user accounts

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Level 1

      I have the RV220W and we are mainly using PPTP for VPN access.  I can not add more than 9 PPTP VPN user acounts.  When I go to add a tenth account the interface just hangs and stops responding.  I can delete a user and then add another user and this works fine.  I can also add other types of VPN users.  I have upgrade to but this did not help.  Could someone let me know how to fix this?            

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Tom Watts
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hello Gregory, the RV220W can support up to 10 PPTP users.

Have you specified a sufficient amount of IP addresses for the PPTP users?

The starting IP of the PPTP client IP range is used as the PPTP server IP of the router and the remaining PPTP client IP address range is used to assign IP address to PPTP clients.

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Yes( to  But I am not talking about concurrent usage.  I am just trying to add PPTP user accounts.  If I delete a PPTP user account it will let me add a PPTP user account.  However, It will not let me add more than 9 PPTP user accounts.  When ever I try to add a tenth PPTP user account the interface hangs and does not complete.

.50.1 to .50.10 implies 9 users are possible. Does it allow you to change it to .11?

If the change takes effect, does it allow the 10th account?

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I changed that to 11 and it let me add a tenth user account.  I guess I am surprised that the limit is on the number of user accounts that can be added and not on concurrent active sessions.  I understand now...thanks for your assistance.

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